"The Greatest Pleasure in life is to Win"

Charls James Fox (1749-1806)

Punting secrets of the few elite successful punters were almost impossible to obtain in the past, but as time went by some of these secluded mysteries were to be found in books written about, or by the worlds most successful punters.
Today most of the secrets are revealed on the internet, but it can be a trap for the unwary because of some unscrupulous operators and even with the available abundant and quality information it can be a formidable task to sort the wheat from the chaff and put it all together in a meaningful way.
It is the purpose of this site to attempt to help those who are trying to make money from punting and those who are wanting to learn more about the mysteries of racing, find the information and put it together so that it might help them in their endeavors.
In “putting it together”, we provide you with informative documents, we give you a brief introduction of each site with a link which contains the information to help you make informed decisions. We also provide you with excerpts from "Winning", The first bible for most serious Australian punters, written by the legendary Don Scott.

Our weekly newsletter will give you the most important news from each site, Scams to be wary of, horses to follow, Jockey ratings, Trainer ratings, Race ratings and more.
We also offer you a program to help analyse the information and race fields, the program is Dataform, first written in 1980, updated recently and used for years by many as an analysis tool. Dataform has a minimal cost, the proceeds of which will go towards maintaining this site.

Punter's Choice is the Australian punters' watchdog, aimed at guiding, informing and safeguarding the interests of all punters involved in betting on thoroughbred horse-racing. They are completely independent of all traders and organisations. They provide information and services to punters who bet on Thoroughbred Horse Racing.


* To produce Consumer Guides designed to inform punters of the efficacy, honesty of intent and ability of tipsters, through their products, to function profitably

* To bring to the attention of Statutory bodies, Offices of Fair Trading, and Upholders of the Law, the activities of swindlers and perpetrators of fraud, with the object of protecting members of the punting public from being "fleeced"


Any punter who wishes to make a dollar betting on Thoroughbreds should spend some time learning the underlying principles which help pick out the most likely steed within a field of racehorses exhibiting the best chance of winning. Acquiring this knowledge involves finding out which events should be selected, which should be avoided, and settling on those races which offer the best profit-making opportunities. Material presented in this book has been prepared to assist you achieve that goal.


Ausrace mission is to discuss all aspects of horse's and horse racing amongst fellow enthusiasts.
Want instant access to like minded racing enthusiasts? Need to know about all things racing? Then this is the place for you. I formed this list to discuss primarily Australian horse racing topics but with the rapid internationalisation of betting it has become an international discussion list with subscribers from all over the world.
* The charter of this group is simple, discussion is open to any subject that involves the horse racing industry.
* The Internet was created to SHARE information and resources, not as a commercial vehicle to buy your soap powder. In the spirit of the first Internet the charter of this group is to freely distribute information among its members and to freely share the collective wisdom of the group.
* Unlike the usual 'mailing lists' your are probably familar with the AusRace lists are two way. It's not a forum for vendors to send you mail but a means for you to contribute your own thoughts to a collection of fellow enthusiasts.
* Postings from the list can make suitable material for newspaper articles, radio interviews, club newsletters etc and a number of racing journalists and media people are on the list looking for such material. This practice is encouraged and helps advertise the utility of the net.

Tips Tricks and Techniques for the Successful Punter.

* Odds, Statistcal Probability and Gambling - An article by Doug Robb

* Principles and Techniques of Handicapping. - An article by Mark Mcgrath, A professional handicapper.

* History of the term Dutch Book?

* What is a Dutch Book Formula?

* Tutorial on Speed From Cyber Handicapping Class (Professional Handicappers Association)

* Tutorial on Class from Cyber Handicapping Class (Professional Handicappers Association)

* The Sartin Method of Handicapping
* Notes on Probability and Horse Racing by Dave Jones
* Tips on the Moonee Valley Track
* Thoughts on BookMakers
* Thoughts on Betting Systems
* Types of Bets offered by Australian TABS's


Gambling is an activity fraught with psychological traps.

Most of us have experienced the empowering sensation of winning at gambling. Of course, most of us have also experienced the stomach-shrinking feeling of losing too.

Sometimes the irrational part of the mind takes over and tries to invoke the 'winning' sensation at all costs. Illogical thoughts like, 'it must be time my luck changed' or, 'surely it can't be red again' are signs that this is happening.

The smart gambler keeps this irrational instinct in check and understands that chance does not owe them a favour because of past sins. This section has a list of commonsense do's and don'ts that should be adhered to when involved in any form of gambling. Information about all forms
of betting to help you exercise
skill and intelligence in gaming.

Overview of racing as a gambling activity.

Horse and greyhound racing, like the stockmarket and sports betting, can be distinguished from most casino and Lotto based games in that it is possible to gain an edge and be a long term winner by the exercise of skill. It is extremely difficult, however, to become both skilful and diligent enough (in terms of studying the form) to be an overall winner.

The only methodology for winning at the races over the long haul that we find convincing is to be able to accurately frame your own market and then search for 'overs', odds which due to an error, or more often the inaccuracy of the punting public, are overly generous for a particular runner.

Punting the gallops. A mugs game?

There are many reasons for betting on the gallops, not all of them to do with money. Compared to sitting in a noisy, garishly lit casino for instance, many people feel the racetrack is an enjoyable experience in itself. The open air, the colours, the space to move around, the quaint rituals of the on course bookies, the terminology, the excitement of the races themselves, all these are things that contribute to the pleasure of the racing experience.

Some people enjoy the release from the pressures of life, some dream of striking it rich, others perhaps merely want to escape the spouse for a while! The biggest motivation though, for most committed punters, is the money side of it. The thrill of a big win is what makes it all worthwhile and they obviously hope to come out ahead over time. Most don't. This is clear. With bookies framing the market to somewhere around 110%, and the tote considerably less generous, the pool originally contributed by punters is much bigger than the pool from which they share the returns.

So is punting on the horses a mugs game, as you so often hear? Not necessarily. This is because of the skill element. Gambling pastimes can be divided into two types, those requiring skill and those where the returns are fixed. A game like Roulette is a good example of one with fixed returns, as is Lotto. You can vary the way you select your numbers as much as you like but there is no 'good' or 'bad' way to bet, your expected returns are always the same.


The Winning Edge

Professional gambler uses computer technology successfully.
Annual take-home pay amounts to $37 million.


Potentiall Profitability

The profitability of horse race gambling by Scott Williams B.Ec., Dip.Rur.Acc.
"A dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Economics of the University of New England".
"race gambling, in even a reasonably unsophisticated manner, is potentially more profitable than other forms of common investment".


Don Scott

"When you first start betting, you should have an adequate bank or readily available source of cash to tide you over the inevitable losing run.This bank should be 20 times the size of your objective. In other words, if you are betting to take out $100, you need a bank of $2,000. This bank will give you confidence if nothing else. Even if you have a bad losing day, you can start afresh the next meeting, knowing you have plenty of money left and every chance of finishing a winner.

When I began my betting business in 1955, I started with a modest bank of a thousand pounds and backed horses to take out fifty. Betting on 4 or 5 races a meeting, 3 meetings a week, I found myself investing a weekly average of 500 pounds. This was my turnover on which I made 10 percent profit or 50 pounds a week, a handsome income in those days. In 12 months, by saving at 20 pounds a week, I had built my bank to 2,000 pounds and was betting to take out a hundred. By 1960 I had built the bank to 20,000 pounds and was betting to take out a thousand. During those five years I had plenty of disastrous runs sometimes losing half my bank. But because my figures were right and I had a mathematical edge on the bookmakers, I always finished well in front."


Racing and Sports is a company owned and directed by respected racing analyst Gary Crispe and leading racing technologist Robert Vilkaitis, and is Canberra-based.
Both Gary and Robert have been at the forefront of many innovative racing developments and initiatives.
Racing and Sports has an extensive knowledge of the racing industry, IT database design, graphic design, and programming.
The objective at Racing and Sports is simple - to provide world-leading statistics, analysis and software development for the racing and sports industry.
The Racing and Sports web site (now rebranded AAPracingandsports) is the largest web publisher of daily racing and sporting news, data and statistics. It has a large global audience and has strategic relationships with several major influences within the industry.

Gary Crispe has been a form and ratings analyst on Australian and overseas racing for many years.
He worked closely with the legendry Don Scott in the development of class/weight standards for Australia and New Zealand.
Subsequently, Don used these values for several of his renowned books.
Gary was the Chief Handicapper for the nationally distributed WIZARD form guide for over a decade, as well as the DAILY FORM SERVICE - which is posted in many eastern-State Tab's and clubs.
The objective of the racingandsports Web site is to present - on a daily basis- the latest racing news, unique evaluation reports and statistics for upcoming race meetings and sporting events.
Much of this information has never been available to the public.
Punting is never easy. Every "edge" is required.
In August 2002, a strategic alliance was formed with Australian Associated Press to broaden the range of information provided to punters.
The information you will find on this site is delivered with the punter in mind. I hope it will help you to improve that "edge".

Robert Vilkaitis is one of Australia's outstanding racing information technology specialists.
For over 15 years, Robert engineered and designed and development of many racing software products.
These developments have included home based handicapping systems, then design of the Wizard Formguide and Daily Form Service (which is found in NSW TAB's).
More recently as part of the Racing and Sports team of highly skilled IT personnel, Robert has been responsible for the development of Internet sites including the cutting edge racingandsports.com.au, QRacing.com.au, AAMIGoldenSlipper.com, Aquanita.com.au trainers site and the GaryDoughty.com auction site.

Racing and Sports

TVTT is a group of independent form analysts and experts who have chosen to provide their information through The Virtual FormGuide. Each member of the team has agreed that all previous selections will be made publicly available in the form of an on-line archive, which can be researched by prospective clients to see how successful they are.

Purchases of individual selections may be made by Virtual FormGuide members using funds in their Member Account. You must be a registered TVF Member to use this service.

While there is great value in the free services offered by The Virtual FormGuide, there is much more to be found in our Member Services.

Some of these are free, such as our Basic Virtual Stable (Blackbook) service, but all of them require you to be a registered Virtual FormGuide Member to get access.

Registration is free and you are not required to buy any of our chargeable services unless you wish to. For services such as Ratings, By-A-Nose or Virtual Tipping Team selections, our policy is to allow free access to historical results.

For instance yesterday's Base, Plus and Xtra Ratings can be viewed for free. Virtual Tipping Team selections are stored in an archive and By-A-Nose users can try the software in guest mode on yesterday's data.

Prospective users can evaluate the services for as long as you like before committing to purchase. Purchase options are very flexible and allow   subscription periods as little as 1 day or downloads of single files for as little as 10c.

The virtual Form Guide

Racenet is a Racing Portal where more than 60 Australian Race Clubs are hosted on the site.

The race clubs join racenet so that collectively punters and racing participants/enthusiasts can go to the one site to access multiple clubs’ information.

There are more than 60 Australian Race Clubs on the site who make information available to racing participants and punters.

Clubs make available weights, noms, form, free racebooks, acceptances, jockey and trainer indexes as well as gear changes and stewards reports.

Most clubs have past results and stewards reports.

Racenet’s video comments

Every TAB meeting racenet covers, they review each horse in each race with a succinct comment on all runners.

The next time each horse races, the comment is attached into the horse’s form so punters can get an exact overview of what runners did in each race. When used in the form, some abbrevations are used for comments but there is a legend available.

These comments are available free in the form but can be purchased for individuals wishing to create their own database.

Racenet's Exclusive Racebooks

This is the presentation of the form in a racebook style. Users print the racebook front and back onto an A4 sheet of paper, give the book one fold, and the finished product is an A5 booklet with all the vital form and statistics.

In fact, 12 clubs now use this format as their on-track racebook and gradually the racebooks are becoming the preferred option on racenet for form in comparison to printing A4 text pages.

Usually, the books have the last five runs and are available around 2pm on acceptance day. Later on Thursdays though, which is our major production day.

The virtual Form Guide